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Refuah Vechaim is proud to present Doctor David Cohen and the advanced biofeedback of Bodyscan2010.Office Location

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filled with your best health tips for living stronger for longer... naturally

Always remember that no vitamin or human or surgery can cure or heal us;  they can only help us to heal ourselves!
If your health has not responded to "conventional" treatment, feel free to call this extraordinarily effective naturopath.
Despite the growing attention of Dr. Cohen's work throughout several countries,
all serious callers will speak to Dr. Cohen personally at 1 (718) 972 -1616

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From ayurvedic medicine and oxygen therapy,
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Ageless wisdom combined with advanced technology

The healthiest website ever built is dedicated to increasing YOUR knowledge about natural healing. Healing naturally is actually easier and faster than most synthetic medicine approaches, also known as allopathic medicine.
The fact is, naturopathic and homeopathic medicine, most effective and best naturopathic practitioners, best naturopathic doctors.

The Tao of Longevity recognizes naturopathy as a discipline, for those inclined to help their own bodies, in a manner that is better, healthier, non-invasive, drug-free, and, ultimately, more effectively than most physicians are willing to admit.

With most doctors, it's all about the allmighty dollar. For proof, look at your doctor's bank account. This is no dedicated healer, pal; it's a rich individual who's gotten rich from human pain, suffering, bleeding, and worse. This IS literally the world's healthiest website, treating with the medically-oriented subjects of ayurvedic medicine, bodyscan, BodyScan,pain relief, acoustic cardiograph, BodyScan2010, Rife technology, Tao of Longevity, living longer better, living healthier longer.

Using herbal medicine, homeopathic remedies and naturopathic medicines, ayurveda and ayurvedic medicine, Dr Cohen promotes healing naturally.

Additional equipment and approaches that Dr. Cohen is expert in the use of includes electro-meridian imaging, herbal cures, Phazx Bodyscan2010, natural healing, pain relief, healing naturally, Tao of Longevity, oil of oregano, naturopathy, mineral infrared therapy, oxygen therapy,Bodyscan, oxygen therapy, Dr David Cohen, the Phazx BodyScan2010 is a true bodyscan. Dr David Cohen, America's best naturopathic doctor, based in Brooklyn NY. Adding an "s" in "naturopathic doctors" is because of search requirements. Healing naturally with BodyScan naturopathy, because Dr. David Cohen may well be the best naturopathic doctors in America.