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Most Effective Back Pain Relief Alternatives to Chiropractic

You DO have alternatives to living with back pain

Eighty percent of all chronic disease problems are linked to the spine.

Dr. Sarno, perhaps the most successful "back" doctor in American history, has conclusively proat no less than eighty percent of all spinal challenges are more psychosomatically controlled than most of us realize.
When we combine the implicit power found in these two statements, results are accelerated, and for YOU, that means getting rid of most, if not all of your chronic pain. Nothing is likely to change the fact that the majority of all spinal problems are in the head, and the additional fact proven so admirably by Dr. Sarno that just as high a percentage of all chronic disease challenges are linked to the spine.

No reasonably educated person licitly argues this, particularly after viewing so many bodies of evidence now available to most if not all of us. From headaches and sore shoulders, to heart and stomach problems, and so many other physical challenges, the spinal and autonomic nervous system plays a huge part in addressing the issues of fast, effective, and, perhaps most importantly, long-term relief.

The level of success enjoyed by the somewhat unique oxygenating massager produced by Sun Ancon has earned it a second and third examination. Let's take a look for those of us with histories of spinal pain. Better information leads to better decisions.

Using chiropractic often brings short-term relief, with long-term problems caused by a correspondingly increased need for that form of adjustment we call "bone manipulation."

When we see that none of the Chinese, Jewish, nor Indian medical practices dating back to fifty-five centuries ago have ever used chiropractic, nor treated it as a serious medical discipline, it's reasonable to ask why and why not. Almost every first and second visit to a chiropractor does indeed produce immediate pain relief, so why the hue and cry?

Summarily stated, the more you use chiropractic, the more you need to use it. It's not too different from cracking your knuckles. The bones get used to being popped in and out of place, and the bone joints and cartilage become as comfortable with popping in and out as a key that gets smoother going in and out of its lock with each repetition.

Since it is not a natural function of bones to pop in and out on a repeated basis, the long-term likelihood of arthritis and other bone problems seems higher.

It is crucial to effective thinking to stick to those patterns and recipes that consistently work, rather than the occasional or aberrant success. Whatever the political, religious, ethnic or other consideration, the three oldest forms of practical medicine on earth have been Chinese, Jewish, and Indian, although not necessarily in that order of priority or time frame. These three groups have the longest successful history in easing our ailments, most notably without the benefit of chemicals for a full fifty-four of the past fifty-five centuries. That means the useful thinker pays heed to the horse's mouth first before attending too strenuously to the other end of the horse, correct?

The Sun Ancon Oxygenating Massager claims six primary benefits, all six of which are likely to be seen in at leas some or most of the devices that seek to innovate or innovate in the field of oygenation massage therapy. The Bodyscan Health Route believes that these six categories are critical to successful Longevity extension.

  • Exercising your internal organs.     Fast, measurable results are consistently obtained in unblocking so many clogged internal pathways. By maximizing this natural flow through all of your body organs; and, improvement and/or restoration of impaired organ function, the massager provides results in as little as one use. After several uses, distinct improvement is noted.

  • Immune boosting.     The action produced by the massager stimulates globulin production which directly increases the immune system's defense capacity. It is difficult to overestimate the useful value of this in fighting a host of challenges to the body.

    • Blood production.     Blood is produced in the spleen and spinal bone marrow. Reduction of this blood production often arises from the spleen's susceptibility to damage. The massager's action on the spine stimulates the sympathetic nervous system which increases spinal marrow blood production. Because all forms of anemia respond to the habilitative effect of the massage, the healthy patient further increases the strength of this critical body system.

    • Spinal Balancing     The Bodyscan Health Route insists on prioritizing natural functions, natural features, natural approaches, natural remedies, and even natural devices before considering any artificial approach to qualities of life that impact Longevity . This means the quality of one's years as well as the number of one's years. Who would pursue pitiful Longevity ? If that is what you seek, the Bodyscan Health Route may well be the cup of tea of someone else.

      The Bodyscan Health Route is the kind of approach that finds challenge with any volitionary act of permitting another human being manually "adjust" the bones of a human skeleton with a living person attached to it.

      The Bodyscan Health Route is an attitude that identifies chiropractic as being less than fully rational, even as ratiocination is used to aver otherwise.

      The Bodyscan Health Route is not a place to bash people who choose to practice chiropractic. That is a personal career decision. What the Bodyscan Health Route wants to make clear is that not one of the world's three oldest medical disciplines, the ones that existed long before drugs and surgery, suggest, imply, or infer that chiropractic is of any long-term spinal (or other) benefit.

      The Bodyscan Health Route suggests with no small energy that anyone and everyone with spinal challenges or determined to maintain good spinal balance, consider the use of those gentle, proven devices that are more uniform in their distribution of energy and force engaged within the spine. Bob Marshall is a big fan of the Hang-Up device, since it apparently supported his recovery from major spinal injury, and what Bob Marshall recommends has never, at least not in this first thirty-five years of practice, proven to be less than beneficial.

      There is also the nearly-unadvertised Circulator, whose elderly inventor became too terrified of the conceivable consequences of endemic corruption in a large agency known for smelly revolving-door policies.

      In the next few minutes, you can easily find up to a dozen or more other safe, gentle devices enjoying observably more precision than most any pair of human hands which cannot see or directly touch the bones they move to manipulate.

      With so many proven natural methods for gently balancing the spine to its greatest available capacity for efficiency, the Bodyscan Health Route recommends seeking out the numerous natural, effective alternatives to chiropractic manipulation. Without having to experience the literally bone-popping which is so central to gleaning any chiropractic benefit, the balanced, gentle massage action influences a correction to several specific conditions of misalignment. With the body relaxed in the lying position with no weight or invasive pressure on the spine, such corrective action can in turn cure and/or significantly alleviate a variety of the arising complications of specific spinal misalignment of vertebral joints.
      It simply feels good.

    • Restoration Of Natural Balance To Autonomous Nervous System    If the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems fail to ensure balance of function, it can be expected that insomnia, digestive problems, stomach pain, palpitation, constipation, neurasthenia, and a too-wide range of aches and pains are to be included in the list of unnecessary physical distress suffered as a result of not using a quality massage device. Some practitioners believe that this is the single most measurable benefit of oxygenating massage in its first few days of use. While this should not be construed as any specific product endorsement from the Bodyscan Health Route, it is truly crucial for to maintain balance or to gain a restoration of balance in both the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. This is a prime element of those enjoying great Longevity .

    • Cellular Activation.     It's been conclusively demonstrated with many hundreds of patients that massage stimulation to the sympathetic nervous system opens up the bronchioles to provide maximum oxygen access to the lungs. Simultaneously, the blood flow to and from the lungs is increased, enhancing oxygen exchange from the lungs to the blood and therefore to every cell in the body that is enriched by blood flow. Exciting the cellular metabolism of the human system has profound effects upon energy, brain function, and more. With over three hundred million sacs in each lung, The tiniest benefit to each is multiplied by that astonishingly huge factor of three hundred million... again, in each lung.

        The primary features of this particular oxygenating massager are four in number, to date:

        • Full body exercise with no side effect.

      1. No pressure or stress involved; just lie down and use it.

      2. No possible injury: Heartbeat and blood pressure do not increase.

      3. Simple, fast, comfortable: Easy to develop a regular exercise habit.

        • If there are other oxygenating massagers that can compete, in terms of price or quality, please let us know. We're less interested in promoting individual products or companies as we are those people and organizations dedicated to promoting self-healing, self-control, and self-determination in finding the fastest, most effective methods of naturopathic healing and health advancement, all in the interest of Longevity . That's why the many Bodyscan websites are focused so closely upon what we refer to as The Zen of Useful Shortcuts, in The Zen of Useful Shortcuts world's largest network of health and wellness shortcuts dedicated to helping us to live longer and better lives.

          Most importantly, you are urged to take greater control of the decisions that affect how long and how well you and your loved ones live on this mortal coil we call Earth. Health and wellness are attitudes as much as specific practices or foods or toys. Health and wellness are really about making informed decisions for ourselves, rather than leaving them in the hands of someone who's demanding fees great enough to pay for many luxuries exclusively at the expense of human pain and unnecessary suffering.

          Make those better decisions, and reap the multiple benefits of naturopathy, the path of nature and balance.

          Traditional medicine rather than conventional medicine.

          Control of technology rather than being controlled by technology.

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          The Zen of Useful Shortcuts

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